Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to flunk your practical exam

So a week after the mid term exams our lab teacher announced a practical exam. Fun FUn FUN! Only problem is... we practically dont know anything. But she was kind enough to give us an hour to prepare.

Oh what the freak! We were like frogs dipped on boiling oil!

And I told myself, if I dont calm down. I will surely fail. I discoverd the first step to failing. In order to fail


if you dont then you will remember everything that you study and you will pass.

So, knowing that, I did exactly the opposite. I calmed down so I can remember the terms.

We had to memorize the common name, phylum, and class of 15 different creatures from the depths of the science lab preserved vault.

Now, as I calmed down I discoverd the second step to failing.

STUDY BESIDE A VERY TALKATIVE PERSON whose topic is so far fetched from the task at hand. These kinds of people are either already prepared or theyre just flat out stupid that they dont care whether they pass or not. They are the kind of people who rather talk about make up, the latest movies, or their hair.

I was unlucky enough to stand by a person in the line who despite all the help I did for this person during the review process, this person decided that its alright to keep on asking me for answers, so loud that the teacher heard him all the time. Plus its not like it wasnt hard enough to take the test, I also had to endure this persons obnoxious mental probe. Buddy I hope I dont stand by you on the next exam. Your a good person but your the kind of good person who have the tendency to drag people down. Peace!

The third step in order to fail is to be too compasionate during the exam.

Be heartless. Dude. No matter what do not lend answers. Your not helping them by giving them answers. Imagine what willl happen if they dont learn that cheating is wrong. They grow up to become cheaters in the world who will cheat wherever they go. That is why corruption is everywhere. Because the people who were once cheaters during their time in school are the ones getting elected.

By lending him/her answers you are jeopardizing the future. Not only his future but the future of the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

So dont help him cheat.

As for you cheaters. I hope you change. YOU are endangering the future of so many lives including yourselves. So, do yourselves a favor and start studying so you dont have to cheat.


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